Thursday 12th december | Brighton, east sussex
*** ONly 12 seats available ***

More Clients Now! LIVE 

Want to grow your business and have a clear Roadmap so you know exactly how to attract new, high-quality clients?

You will leave this 1-day workshop with a clear plan you can immediately implement to scale your business.  Guaranteed.

Thursday 12th DECEMBer | Brighton, east sussex
*** ONly 12 seats available ***

Discover the Strategies, Tactics and Campaigns That'll Allow You to Move Away From Feeling Overwhelmed by Marketing to Effortlessly Attract Clients... so You Can Finally Transform Your Business

More Clients Now! LIVE

thursday dec 12th / Brighton

Join us live on Thursday, 12th December for a dynamic, one-day hands on workshop and learn how to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients on autopilot so you can focus on the work you love.

Watch this short video now to see the impact this workshop can have on your business growth

Is This Workshop Right for you?

Let's face it: you don't need any more information!

Yet you're always pressured by the experts out there that you need their new "shiny object" or "quick fix" to transform your business.

We want to help you create a predictable and automated "total stranger to delighted client" journey without a lot of hard work on your part.

That way, you can create valuable experiences for your leads, prospects and customers... and make customer and client acquisition systematic and certain.

It's all part of the More Clients Now! Live Workshop that's taking place in Brighton on 12th December.

This powerful workshop will help you predictably and consistently generate more leads and customers for your business... all without the usual stress and headache.

Best part?  We're not just going to give you the information and leave you to fend for yourself.  You'll actually get things done at the event that'll move your business forward faster!

Plus, there's no risk to attend this seminar because you're protected by my 100% "Clarify and Focus" money-back guarantee.  Keep reading for details and how to register.

My name is Gareth Kemp.  I started my own business when I was 17 years old.  I used to constantly fall for the "hot marketing tip of the week" that left me broke and confused.

I then started to implement proven marketing campaigns based on sound fundamentals... not "pie in the sky" schemes.  I also discovered how to AUTOMATE these campaigns so I didn't have to do all the grunt work.

only 12 


1 day

with experts

Discover the "Next Level" strategies that'll help you live life on your terms...

​attract an abundance of high-quality leads

​transform your customers into raving fans


Discover how we attract a consistent flow of leads for our businesses (about 1000 leads/month) so you can effortlessly move these strategies into your business and never worry about where you’re going to get your next customer or client.

​Stimulate more referrals with my “ninja” campaign that’ll convert your customers into zealots who will buy from you again and again and tell their family and friends about you.

Discover ways to generate new, immediate streams of revenues, including "Profit Maximisers" and "Slack Adjusters" that can transform the profitablity of your business.

​attract an abundance of high-quality leads

Discover how we attract a consistent flow of leads for our businesses (about 1000 leads/month) so you can effortlessly move these strategies into your business and never worry about where you’re going to get your next customer or client.

​transform your customers into raving fans

​Stimulate more referrals with my “ninja” campaign that’ll convert your customers into zealots who will buy from you again and again and tell their family and friends about you.


Discover ways to generate new, immediate streams of revenues, including "Profit Maximisers" and "Slack Adjusters" that can transform the profitablity of your business.

Strategies That Work in the Real World (Not Theory)

This isn't going to be a boring "stand at the front and talk at you" training - you'll get "do this, and then do that" tools and strategies you'll be able to implement in your business right away.

The best part is all these strategies have been tested, tweaked and used daily by businesses such as FedEx and Uber because they are simple, effective and generate results.  

So you won’t get “seminar fluff” that sounds great on stage but fails to work in the real world. These are strategies you can implement in your business as soon as you get home and make 2019 your year!

Hang out With Winners Who Are Playing Big

There’s a special energy that exists at More Clients Now! LIVE that is unique in this industry.

The people that attend our workshops are business owners and entrepreneurs who are already doing well, but are looking for the extra “turns of the screw” that’ll help them get an extra edge in their business.

The best part is they are extremely friendly and are willing to share their strategies with you. So if you feel like a “lone ranger” in your business and want to meet go-getters like you who are fanatical about growing their business, then you won’t find a better group of people to hang out with.

Who knows, you might find your next customer, client, joint venture partner, or business partner!

Get Motivated to Take It to the Next Level When You Get Home

Nope, More Clients Now! LIVE is not a “rah rah” motivational workshop but you WILL feel motivated and recharged.

That’s because you’ll leave this event with fresh new excitement about your business and increased confidence you’ll hit your business goals.

You’ll come home with a solid plan of attack for solving a challenge that’s been holding you back, or a new “cog” for your fortune-making machine that’ll help you move forward faster.

You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll hear on stage that’ll spark a “EUREKA” moment for you unless you reserve your spot today!

Seminar Schedule...

8:30am - 9:00am

Welcome, and the 4 Key Components That'll Allow You to Grow Your Business Fast

These are the critical building blocks of building a business that allows you to grow, automate and scale your business without increasing your workload. Most businesses are missing two or three, but thanks to this presentation, you’ll be running on all 4 cylinders toward building the business of your dreams!

9:00am - 10:00am

Instant Growth Potential Assessment

You know some parts of your business work and that others need a little work... in this session you'll identify exactly where you need to focus for your unique business so you have a constant flow of new high-quality enquires and can maximise your profits.

10:00am - 10:45am

​Identify Your Ideal Customer

Think back through your best-ever customers. How would you feel about your business if you could photocopy them 1000 times and only work with them? In this session we'll work together to identify who that person is for you in preparation for the next session.

10:45am - 11:00am

Break for Refreshments (Provided).

11:00am - 12:00pm

​How to Attract Your Ideal Customer... on Autopilot

If you have ever worried about how to stand out from the crowd, how to make your website call out to your clients, what to post on social media or felt you might have to drop your prices to compete then this session will give you an instant solution to all those problems!

We'll bring all the elements together and you’ll discover how simple marketing can be. Not only that, but you’ll be able to put 90% of it on autopilot.

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Break for Lunch (Provided).

We'll provide you with a delicious lunch - once you've registered let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Hot Seats!

Some of the greatest insights and breakthroughs for your own business will come from hearing from others. In this session we'll hold two hotseats to go deep into what they have discovered and help them, and you, refine their approach to ensure it is subtle, seamless and fast to implement.

1:30pm - 2:30pm

​Get Money Now! How to Create Instant Profit Windfalls Without Spending More Money on New Customers

There are times you want to boost the cash flow in your business without going through the hassle of advertising for new customers. These quick-and-easy campaigns will help you tap into the hidden pots of gold in your business from your existing database of leads and customers.

2:30pm - 2:45pm

Break for Refreshments (Provided)

2:45pm - 3:45pm

​Productivity and Procrastination - Tools so You Can Take Action

3:45pm - 4:30pm

Q&A and Wrap-Up

In the final session of the workshop we'll answer any questions so you know your One Next Action to grow your business.

What People Are Saying...


I had millions of ideas, but no clear idea of how to execute them.  I felt I had lost direction. When I met Gareth and Mary, everything changed.  

They taught us a very easy process to follow that made everything simple.  We could refer to it for any situation we were dealing with.  It was very transparent so we could do it ourselves and allow our personality to shine through. 

Bookings are up and we’re way ahead of where the banks told us we’d be.  Make your life easy and get your business moving faster by getting Gareth and Mary onboard. I only wish we’d met them sooner.


Iki Rhode

Founder of AestheticBTN, Brighton


The problem with unseen gaps is just that, I didn’t know what I was missing and this meant I was reactive and seemed to spend my time fire fighting and not moving my business forward as quickly as I wanted to.

I didn't have a clear plan or a vision of where I wanted to get to. 

I’m now full steam ahead and feel in control of my business while working less hours with a happy team that I trust. 

I have stopped doing the £1 tasks and am doing more of what I’m passionate about while my business is growing.  

Thanks to Gareth and Mary I feel that I have real clarity and know exactly what my next steps are.


Alex Burt

Owner of Teddy Edwards, Brighton


Nobody told me how isolating it can be to run your own business.  I found I was working more hours than ever and although my business was doing well, I didn’t have the time to enjoy it or slow down. I was so busy caught in the day to day that I struggled to find the time to focus on growing my business with a clear plan. Instead, I was doing what was most important today.  For the first time in years I feel in control. I have a clear road-map so I know exactly how to attract and engage the clients I love to work with and stand out from the crowd.

I’ve broken out of the feast/famine cycle and feel like I can breathe! I am excited to see my business grow whilst having more time with my family.


Dani Vlad

Founder of DV Media, Brighton


When we started our business, we had more experience and qualifications than any of our competitors, however attracting new clients was almost impossible and we felt overwhelmed and that we were going to have to drop our prices.

Gareth and Mary make marketing fun, which is something I thought I’d never say.

I know what I need to do and why it’s going to work to attract new clients.


Dr Chris Vary

MB, Brighton


I was trying to grow my business but couldn’t break past my competitors with more experience and connections. 

The simple frameworks Gareth and Mary shared helped me understand how to connect my passion with my work so I could stand out from the crowd and immediately start to attract new clients I loved to work with.

I’m now getting referrals, not just from existing clients, but other experts in the area.



Kirsty Cox

Financial Planner, Hove


I had a huge online following, but none of my attempts to monetise it had worked. I’d spent a lot of money on SEO, websites, and advice that had gone nowhere and produced nothing.  I was sick of having to figure it all out myself while having to carry on all my usual tasks that come with running your own business.  Gareth and Mary’s frameworks make it easy to understand what I needed to do and exactly how to do it. 

It’s the first time I’ve understood how to reliably and predictably make money.



Jane Allan

Founder of The Lens Lounge, Eastbourne


I really need to share this... because for the first time in my life I can see where my business is going and how I can really use all the hard earned experience and knowledge... to make my dreams come true.

Gareth is the first person who has shown me how to do it. I'm coming back to me..



Ksenija Krevs

Executive Coach, Slovenia


I was very impressed at how you looked at my business from the outside and you immediately saw the opportunities I was leaving out.  I felt I was stuck for quite some time now and I didn't know what to do to grow my business... you gave me 3 things I could execute in 7 days which I am certain will move my business forward."


Eddie Corbo

Owner of Corbo Media, LA


Gareth is brilliant at helping you find and refine your niche... and giving you step-by-step tangible ways to get clients in your door. Your programme is amazing.


Laurie Proctor

Founder of Insight Coaching, Chicago

Warnings About This Seminar...

Warning #1: Only 12 Seats Available.  This is an intimate workshop. We're not looking for hundreds of participants and fill up a hotel ballroom. For this workshop, the quality of those in the room is more important than the quantity...for this reason there is a maximum of 12 seats available.

Warning #2: Personal, One-To-One Teaching.  During this workshop I will be working with EACH and every single attendee personally. I'll help you build a plan of action for you to implement in your business.

Warning #3: This Is A Working Event.  This workshop is a working event...NOT a "happy, clapping, rah-rah" event. In other words, expect to WORK and get things done, ready to implement into your business immediately. Also expect to be mentally exhausted at the end of the day, but in a good way. 🙂

Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held in the old bank vault at Barclays Eagle Labs in Preston Circus, at the North end of London Road.


The Labs are just 11 minutes walk from Brighton Train Station

Bus Routes

There are many bus routes that service London Road and Preston Circus


There is secure bike storage inside the Lab as well as on-road storage


Car parks are located within a few minutes walk.  Expect to pay around £15 for a day's parking

No-Risk "Focus and Clarity" 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our promise is that you'll leave with real focus and clarity on what you need to implement so you can rapidly grow your business.

If you attend for the full day and don't feel we've delivered real value and shown you how to stand out from the crowd and attract new clients, then let us know before you leave and we'll refund you in full, on the spot.  Not only that, we'll give you an extra £20 to cover your travel too.

Don't Wait.  Register NOW!

What has not having a clear marketing plan cost you?  Not just financially, but the headspace of worrying how you are going to grow?  Get ready for a dynamic workshop on Thursday, 12th December.

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